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Antler Shed Lotion-Large

Antler Shed Lotion-Large

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🌿✨ The Antler Shed Hand & Body Lotion- Nature's Embrace for Your Skin! 🤲🛁

Indulge in the ultimate skin luxury with our Handmade Lotion. Paraben and mineral oil-free, this lotion is a silky embrace of natural goodness. Here's why it's your skin's new best friend:

Handmade Harmony: Each bottle is a testament to artisanal care, offering your skin a touch of handcrafted perfection.

All-Natural Bliss: Free from parabens and mineral oils, dive into the pure joy of natural ingredients revitalizing your skin.

Family-Friendly Radiance: Tailored for all ages, make moisturizing a shared experience for the entire family.

Versatile Nourishment: Ideal for both hands and body, this lotion is the go-to solution for comprehensive skin care.

For the Whole Family's Radiant Skin:

The Antler Shed Lotions are designed to be the daily dose of love your skin craves. From the delicate touch needed for children's hands to the nourishment desired by adults, this lotion is a family affair. Apply liberally after a shower or whenever your skin needs a little pick-me-up. Let the lotion melt into your skin, leaving it soft, supple, and enveloped in the refreshing aura of all-natural radiance. Pamper your family's skin with the soothing embrace of Heavenly Hydration – because healthy skin is happy skin! 🌿👐✨

Large 8 Ounce tube $10

Small 3 Ounce tube $5

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