Ok, I’ve been making laundry soap for years now and I think it is one our most popular products! There isn’t much in it, but you only use ONE TABLESPOON!!! Seriously!!!!! I love it, and I truly think it has given my wash machine a few extra years! There are NO fillers (though I do add a little bit of fragrance) and I feel it is much better for your machine, your clothes, and our environment. I have it packaged in 20oz eco friendly bags, and since you need only 1, ONE, Tablespoon, that is about 40 loads. If you have normal sized loads you could even get away with using less. In my house, with 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a dirty husband, my washer is usually STUFFED full.

40 load bag

Laura’s Super Duper Laundry Soap